About Us

For more than 10 years now, Marvin has developed expertise in use of specialized leather and hides of supreme quality. The company has established rapport with some of the best tanneries in the world. Marvin is now a sought-after brand known all over India for its high professional standards, thorough quality checks and reliability. Furthermore, the company is always at the forefront of consumer trends and demands.

Marvin aims to be the favorite choice in India & Abroad with furniture manufacturers, architects or end consumers selecting leather. Marvin endeavors to bring in world class quality leather to every Indian consumer

We always do our utmost to work with the best tanners who meet our quality demands who provide the best hides and meeting the required technical specifications. Our clients are assured the same excellence through meticulous control and testing of leather. Furthermore, we want to guarantee our clients courteous and competent service and on-time deliveries.

Quality control is a continuous process from incoming raw materials to the final product. Our ultimate goal is to accomplish production effectiveness and efficiency. Demanding technical specifications and special characteristics of products are tested and are certified by specialized accredited laboratories, to ensure international finished quality standards.

Customer focus is the main principle that leads to quality management. The priority of making high quality leather upholsteries is being achieved by meeting or even exceeding our customer demands and expectations

Real Quality Never Stops. Key indicators provide an output of the performance and support continuous improvement efforts. By setting new targets and successfully reaching them we are being challenged to an ongoing process of learning and improving.